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Annual Yacht Regatta

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Tamar River Sailing Club Yacht Regatta 2018

The latest annual Tamar River Sailing Club Regatta was a fantastic success. The weekend of 22nd to 24th of June 2018 brought us fair weather and just about sufficient winds which were enjoyed fully by the competitors. With a class for novice helm and others for white sail experienced racers (Cruisers and J24s) a total of eleven yachts entered the races held on the River Tamar. Most were from the TRSC but others came from Saltash and other local clubs. Off the water; on Friday night, the local delights of Pasties and Cream Teas ran out all too quickly. Luckily, the weather was brilliant for the BBQ on Saturday which was punctuated by the dancing of a bunch of sailors who should have been too tired to stay up so late.

Peter Preston and Breakthrough was overall winner of the Cruisers Class

Alan Lang and Him & Me was the overall winner of the White Sail Class

Ben Maddaford  and Jammin was the overall winner of the J24 Class

The attached photographs show how much Force 4 featured in our prize giving and others might give you a flavour of the excitement. The real entertainment, particularly enjoyed by the spectators, was a series of ‘heat of the moment’ incidents that are not included so as to protect the innocent.

A great time was had by all. Thanks to all who came, raced or helped in any way. Huge thanks also to our sponsors particularly Force 4 (Plymouth) for their support and sponsorship.

The Overall Results for Saturday and Sunday

Class: Cruisers                   Series: Cruisers

Rank      Sail No  Name                                    Helm

1              5361       Breakthrough                    Peter Preston

2              7557       Riverdance                         Chris Hughes

3              718        Sun of Sunshine Boys     Mark Langdon

4              5333       Hobnob                                Steve Smith

5              277         Dutch Courage                  Guido Bugmann

Class: White Sail                Series: White Sail

Rank      Sail No  Name                                    Helm

1              7207       Him And Me                       Alan Lang

2              8302       Dutch Saraband                Kevin Whitmill

3              295        Sirocco                                  Clive Farrant

Class: J24                             Series: J24

Rank      Sail No  Name                                    Helm

1              4153       Jammin                                Ben Maddaford

2              4100       Midnight Express             Mark Dinham

3              4026      Just the Tonic                     Alex Hurst