RESULTS: Race 1  Summer Series

This race was also the Lynher Cup (a club closed event), remove “Jam” from the results  and that shows your position for this cup. It was a good evening on the water with 8 boats out everyone got around the course, some interesting individual tussles on the way and sunshine.

9 boats on the water, enough wind to set a reasonably long course and barring 1 retirement everyone finished.
Cargreen cup next week. Regatta the week after, a show of hands has indicated that we will have a good turnout from the Monday nighters.
7 boats out for the Cargreen Cup, with enough wind and the tides were fine, all boats finished the course.
After a long weekend of sailing at our regatta we still managed to get 7 boats on the water. Guido as RO took sympathy on us and devised a short but interesting course.
8 boats out this evening, and all finished an interesting course in a WSW breeze.
One race left in this series and the first 3 places are up for grabs, please support the last race of the series (and the Summer).
Racing for the Autumn series will start again on Monday 05/09/16 and will then move to Saturdays.

RESULTS: Race1 Spring Series

RESULTS: Race 2  Spring Series

RESULTS: Race 3 Spring Series

RESULTS: Race 4 Spring Series

7  boats out, strong winds did not spoil a good evening on the river. No racing next Monday as its a bank Holiday (2nd May).
We started with wind and ended with very little, all but one boat got around. Last race of the series next week. 1st and 2nd places are settled but the rest is to play for.
What a lovely evening to go out racing, 1st  and 2nd places in the series were decided but 3rd place was up for grabs.
HANDICAPS: Sean would welcome proposals from anyone wishing to amend their handicap, based on performance over the series and base numbers.