Annual Yacht Regatta

Friday 22nd June to 24th June 2018

The Regatta at TRSC is a great combination of close quarter yacht racing and a full social programme of food, drink and music.

This year the Regatta will open with a novice helm race on the Friday evening followed by Pasties and Cream scones in the bar afterwards – we are in Devon but very close to Cornwall so we may finally find out whether its right to have the jam on top or not….

Saturday will see us running a couple of races, with a break for food and refreshments at lunchtime. When we have finished racing there will be time for a quick relax before the BBQ starts and once that’s all digested the Band (as yet not booked) will take to the stage for the rest of the evening.

A slightly later start on Sunday morning, after a leisurely breakfast from Margaret’s kitchen, will consist of two more races for the day. Lunch will be available from the clubhouse between races.  The prize giving, will take place at the end of the afternoon…

The regatta courses should appeal to sailors of all experience – we will have a Port Handicap fleet and we plan to run a couple of white sail classes, depending on the number of entries – It’s all about the fun of getting out on the water and joining in with the evening entertainment.

It would be great to see you there…..

2018 Regatta Poster